10 Insanely Awesome Web animations & Games you need to see

10 Insanely Awesome Web animations & Games you need to see



As you know we live in a very strange world but how small things can bring all the joy and child inside us! We’ve collected some very trippy and fascinating animation designs coded by creative designers on codepen. Hope this collections will entertain you and keep you occupied with joy. Press run pen and enjoy.

Do not miss our Bonus! <3

The Rabbit Run – Animated Codepen Game

This game with awesome graphics using canvas doesn’t need anything more, creative concept of jump gaming this pen will be enough to keep you occupied for some time.

Chill the Lion – Funny Animations

Keep the fan on lion needs to chill in summer. This funny animation will turn on the CSS animation on event of mouse click. Just few lines of code and bang!

See the Pen Chill the lion by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Animated Solar System – Learn about our solar planets.

Even if you’re a science freak this still makes you look multiple times. Amazing details of solar systems and their distances, animation can be controlled using buttons, amazing right?

See the Pen CSS 3D Solar System by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Animated Piano – Play piano music with mouse or touch.

How can we forget Javascript? This entire functionality of music play on touch or click is triggered using JS. Fascinating!

See the Pen Musical background on mousemove by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Eye Satisfying Rainbow Lines – Animated colors

Color is all fun in designing!! you can watch these animated moving lines and remember all the good moments for while..

See the Pen Rainbow lines by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Another Squared animation with soothing blue.

See the Pen Only CSS: Jungle Gym by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Only CSS Campfire animation

Relax and enjoy great animation of fire using css only.

See the Pen campfire by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

All around the world, flying rocket animation.

Continuous animations with less then 100 lines of code. I fly with Canvas!

See the Pen Fly me to the moon by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0

Bonus & our Personal Favourite, The Last Experience.

I’ve personally played this for many times, how HTML, CSS and Javascript creates amazing coded masterpieces to make you feel the real web.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

See the Pen The Last Experience by ByteKnight (@byteknight) on CodePen.0


Cool Designers and Coders.









And most important https://codepen.io for lovely playground.




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