The Exclusive Factory – Squarespace Fashion Blog Website Design

Project Name: The Exclusive Factory – Online Blog & E Commerce Website

Project Type: Website design / Blog Setup / E Commerce Shop Setup

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JS, Photoshop, UI, UX

Overall, Squarespace has made its name by providing some of the most beautiful templates on the market. They’re that darn good. Each of the themes come with essentials like social media, blogging, sliders, and more. You can upgrade to run a complete online store, and did we mention the designs are incredible?

As a media-focused website design platform, it’s no wonder that thousands of companies have turned to Squarespace for their website building needs. From schools to online magazines, and tech companies to food bloggers, Squarespace has just about everything you could want. The best part is that the interface, both front and back, is the sleekest out there.

The Exclusive Factory website is a great example for those trying to make a portfolio with the Squarespace platform. The website has a smattering of thumbnail images, all of which lead to a larger page with a possible description for the job. It’s not anything crazy, but it certainly has the elegance and flair that you would expect from a squarespace site.

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