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About Company-

In business now for over 40 years, Orion Aircraft Sales has been the elite boutique broker of private jets delivering expert service across the private jet sales industry.

This was an project at surprise as the client wanted me to design a website for aircraft, It was new as i was getting started with new concepts and i was thrilled with the experience.

Design is minimal and sleek yet with elegant animations to fit best with the concept. As per the client requirement website has the image gallery with different images of the aircraft listed for sale. Having lot of images on the website can make the website slow and that was tough task for me to achieve. The website speed was reduced at minimum on 2.5 Sec loading time with compressed high quality images.

Below are some of the screenshots of website. Do share your thoughts in comments.


Orion Aircraft Sales is the company you can trust to deliver results with industry-leading insights, professionalism, and integrity. Managing aircraft sales across the globe, Orion Aircraft Sales leads the way in aircraft sales and acquisitions in every region of the world. We understand global marketing trends and use our comprehensive aviation perspective to get the maximum value for our buyers and sellers. Our resume of long-term repeat customers is a testament to our worth. Contact Orion Aircraft Sales to learn how to help you navigate through the complex world of aircraft acquisitions and sales.

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