Intel said its new gpu is twice fast as nvidia a100

High performance computing market was been dominated by Intel till now. However Intel is lagging behind in it's forte as AMD is capturing market quickly.

In top 10 supercomputers, Intel has only one in the list. AMD and Arm based chipsets are ranking at top positions.

In 2021, Intel presented it's first high performing GPU for AI & HPC applications.

Intel released internal performance benchmark for it's new Ponte Vecchio data center GPU

Intel also reported that it's GPU outruns the A100 across benchmarks.  It performed 2x in miniBUDE & 1.5x in ExaSMR.

Ponte Vecchio packs 128 Xe Cores, 128 ray tracing units, 64MB L1 cache, 408MB L2 cache and 8 Xe-HPC GPUs.

Ponte Vecchio will complete with Nvidia's H100 GPU & AMD's Instinct MI300 APU when released.

It's said that if Intel delays the launch further it won't be long lived as Rialto Bridge is set to begin sampling next year..